Wonder Why Dog Stares At The Wall Here Is The 7 Reasons

3.You hear something on the other side

Once again, it is your pup’s finely tuned senses to blame! Dogs can hear what’s going on outside when you can’t.

Your dog knows he can’t go outside to investigate. So they stare at the wall while focusing on listening. If there’s a window nearby, they may be so inclined to look for themselves. If not, you might see your dog’s head to one side every few minutes.

Sometimes the sound might not be on the other side of the wall. Instead, it could come from within the wall. Press your ear to the wall and see if you can hear living things walking around.
If this does not produce any results, the disturbing noise may be outside or several hundred meters away.

4. Your pooch has CDS

CDS, or Canine Dysfunctional Syndrome. This is a condition that affects older dogs. It is similar to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia in humans. The condition affects your puppy’s mental abilities.
There are many symptoms of this disorder. Dogs will experience few of them in the early stages. Unfortunately, this often leads to misdiagnosis.

Dogs with CDS can become disoriented with their surroundings. They can get stuck in corners, wander aimlessly, or even stare at the wall as the disease progresses, dogs can experience changes in their sleeping habits, interactions with people, and more.

Many will also have accidents as they forget about their training at home.
There is no way to cure canine dysfunctional syndrome. But you can mitigate its effects on your dog. To do so, you have to catch it early! Take your dog to the vet if you suspect CDS, or any other brain condition, is to blame for your dog’s strange behavior.

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