Wonder Why Dog Stares At The Wall Here Is The 7 Reasons

1. They have detected a captivating pest

A small bug on the wall can be detected by a dog. Sometimes, dogs look at the wall because they see something No, we are not talking about ghosts. Dogs have an impressive sense of smell and hearing. They are fully capable of detecting a small critter crawling up the wall.

May blend in with paint color or be too far away for you to see. But for your dog, it’s an exciting invader they want to keep an eye on!

Check the wall and see if you can spot it! If the insect flies or runs away, your dog’s eyes will likely follow. This behavior is not a cause for concern. However, you may want to contact pest control to make sure your home does not have insects that are dangerous to your dog.

2. It is a symptom of a seizure

Contrary to popular belief, seizures are not always the dramatic seizures seen on television. Some seizures can be subtle, making them difficult to identify. Sometimes staring is the only symptom, but in some cases the staring may be accompanied by a bite in the air.

The next time you see your dog staring, try to focus. If your dog ignores you and keeps starting no matter how hard you try, it could be a partial seizure.

Contact your veterinarian right away! Seizures are usually a symptom of another serious health condition, such as cancer or epilepsy. One sure way to know for sure is to visit the veterinarian’s office. Fortunately, there are plenty of medications to keep these seizures under control.

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