Wonder What your Cat Does While You Are Sleeping

3. Cats destroy things

This is so alarming for every cat owner. There are issues of things scattered in many different places in the morning.We have nothing to blame except for the one who is awake all night.

Cats do what they feel like doing, including such disaster. So, better secure your things before going to sleep.

4. Cats chase other cats

two maine coon kittens playing indoors running through corridor chasing the red dot of a laser pointer

While the owners are sleeping, the pets play with each other.You can hear soft‘meows’on the roof or even inside the house. This happens a result of energy gained during the daytime.

For some cat keepers, it affects their productivity the following day as they lacked sleep last night.The best solution here is to set a time to play with your cats. Perhaps they are just getting your attention.

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