Will Owning A Cat Can Help Me With My Anxiety Or Depression?

Concerns When Getting A Cat To Help With Depression Or Anxiety

It’s worth repeating that adopting a cat or any pet is a very large commitment with regards to time, money, and even emotions.

While cats have a deserved reputation for being self-sufficient creatures, you’ll still need to make sure you carry out daily tasks, including feedings, grooming your feline to ward off the chances of mats and hairballs developing, and keeping the litter box clean, plus the icky task of changing litter at least one time a month.

There’s also a financial commitment that goes with cat adoption. Food, litter, and vet bills, even just for yearly wellness visits, can add up. If you suspect that financial issues are contributing to your depression or anxiety, sit down and crunch some numbers to see whether adopting a cat might inadvertently exacerbate the problem.

Cat parenting also relies on you staying actively involved with your cat. You might have to rearrange your own schedule to be sure that you can serve food at daily meal times. You’ll also need to keep your cat entertained with play sessions and bonding time; otherwise, boredom or even destructive behavior might set in.

A cat is a living, breathing, thinking being with their own needs and emotions. They don’t exist simply to get you to happy. If there isn’t emotions or energy to spare on another creature’s well-being, then take that into consideration.

You’ll need to provide for your cat in many ways. Understand that before you opt to adopt.

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