Will Owning A Cat Can Help Me With My Anxiety Or Depression?

Feelings of depression and anxiety are common in the modern world. Beyond turning to professional therapy or even medicine, it’s often suggested that a person suffering from depression and anxiety should consider getting a pet to help alleviate feelings of fear and loneliness.

So should you get a cat to help with your anxiety or depression? The short answer is, well, maybe. But it should not be your sole reason for adopting, and you must make sure you can handle the burdens that are included with pet parenting. Adopting a pet should also not replace therapy or professional treatment for your condition.

While studies have shown that cats and pets in general can help calm people down and convey a sense of tranquility, adopting a cat is a large responsibility that no one should take lightly.

Should you choose suffer from depression or anxiety, you should speak to a healthcare professional for treatment, and you may also ask them if they recommend adopting a pet. Here’s what you need to know when you’re considering whether to adopt a cat to help with your depression or anxiety.

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