Will My Dog Can Get Infected With Corona Virus? Things You Need Know!!

Should Infected Pet Owners Avoid Close Contact With Their Dogs

When you are opting for self-isolation to improve your health or have been tested positive for COVID-19 and are now recovering at home, it’s essential that you put your pet on lock down too. That means ensuring they avoid contact with any other animals or humans outside of your quarantined household. And, unfortunately it does mean that if you are infected you might want to keep your pooch at arms’length too. If possible, you should think about getting another member of your household care for your pet when you’re sick and focusing on getting better.

This may seem harsh – when you really feel poorly, those dog-cuddles always help to cause you to feel just that little bit better – but you might want to reduce the chance of you making your pet a physical carrier of COVID-19 and spreading the virus to others. As we have already noted, the chance of the virus remaining active on their fur or your dog transmitting the disease is low, but you really should not take that chance. And with dogs you must also reduce the chance of you getting any other infections, particularly as your immune system is working overtime already to fight off the effects of COVID-19.

And, conveniently keeping your pet far away during your quarantine, wash your hands regularly and ensure your dog’s areas of the property – drink and food bowls, sleeping area, exercise yard – are wiped down regularly to keep them clean.

And Finally

If you in are anyway concerned about the fitness of your dog or suspect he may have Canine Coronavirus Disease then please do contact your veterinarian for further advice.


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