Will My Dog Can Get Infected With Corona Virus? Things You Need Know!!

How to Pet Dogs During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Adhering to the current guidance on hygiene, handwashing and social distancing will do a lot to protect you, your family and your pet. And, while there is no current evidence your pooch can contract COVID-19, keeping them away from possible sources of infection will make sure that you safe. The COVID-19 survives best on smooth surfaces such as door handles and worktops, less so on more porous materials, which includes pet fur. However, it

doesn’t totally mitigate the risk so when considering how to pet and look after your dog during the coronavirus pandemic, prevention surpasses cure.

To protect yourself:

  • Always thoroughly wash your hands before touching or interacting with your dog, especially after their daily walk outside.
  • This can be a wise move to keep your dog away from people as you want to avoid them being petted by strangers and run the slight risk that the virus could be transferred from their hands to your pet’s fur, face or collar.
  • Letting your dog off their lead while on their walk is also a bad idea, as you cannot control who they encounter, and will also be unable to adhere to the all-important social distance.
  • And don’t pet anyone else’s dog, in case you know them as it possible that they could be carrying the virus from their owner, although the experts believe the chance of such cross-infection is low.
  • You may want to consider wiping your dog’s paws with paw wipes after their walk, before they come back into your house.

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