Will My Dog Can Get Infected With Corona Virus? Things You Need Know!!

What is Canine Coronavirus Disease?

Coronavirus is a ‘family’of viruses that can cause sickness in both humans and animals. In humans, coronavirus causes illnesses such as the common cold, SARS and now COVID-19. Coronavirus in dogs can manifest itself as ‘kennel cough’as well Canine Coronavirus Disease. These variants of coronavirus are totally different from COVID-19 and cannot be passed onto humans.

Canine Coronavirus Disease (CCV) is a highly infectious dog virus and generally is transmitted either through oral contact with infected feces, contaminated food bowls or nose to nose contact with an infected dog. Unlike COVID-19, a respiratory infection, CCV affects the canine gastrointestinal system. CCV often shows no symptoms, however in some dogs, it may result in abdominal pain and sudden onset diarrhea, along with reduced appetite and a general lethargy.

The symptoms of Canine Coronavirus Disease typically last between two and 10 days and while there is no treatment, the disease will usually resolve itself with no lasting effects. However young puppies may experience more severe symptoms there isn’t any immature immune system and adult dogs do run the risk of a secondary infection which may extend their recovery time.

Dogs who have recovered from Canine Coronavirus Disease may still be carriers for about six months after their initial infection. There’s an easy coronavirus vaccine for dogs available, but very easy provide protection for any other coronavirus strains, including COVID-19.

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