Why Does My Dog’s Breath Smell So Bad?

Exactly what are the common causes of bad breath in dogs?

Bad breath in dogs can be caused by a number of factors, the most common being periodontal diseases and poor oral hygiene. If your dog has a buildup of tartar and plaque in his mouth—which looks like sticky, hard, and scaly discolorations—then bacteria will probably develop, and he may be susceptible to bad breath. As well as having stinky breath, bad oral care can cause cavities, tooth loss, tissue destruction, and infection.

Another cause may be that your dog is eating unpleasant things, like poop or garbage. To stop your dog from doing this, you should feed him vitamins, since that’s what he might be looking for ways to by eating poop, supplement his food with enzymes, and get taste-aversion products that contains things like parsley, yucca, and chamomile to spray on his poop.

Yet another possible cause of bad breath in dogs is kidney disease. If your dog’s breath smells like urine, he may be suffering from kidney disease, and you’ll have to do him to the veterinarian right away. If your dog is drinking more water, urinating more frequently, is losing weight, seems depressed, is vomiting, and has diarrhea, he could have kidney disease.

Diabetes can be a factor if your dog’s breath smells sweet or fruity, and a foul odor emanating from the mouth, yellow gums, and a reduction in appetite could signal liver disease. These are both serious conditions, so you should take your pup to the vet without delay to have him examined.

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