Why Do Cats Blep? Everything You Need to Know

Motion sickness

Many cats suffer from motion sickness and some will vomit when they travel in cars. Others, stick out their tongues but it’s usually accompanied by drooling and panting.

Idea the motion of the car that affects your cat and makes them feel dizzy.

For other cats, the nausea is triggered by anxiety because the car is unfamiliar to them or because they can recall a previous upsetting experience.


A cat sticking tongue out and drooling is a possible sign of poisoning. However, it will always be accompanied by vomiting, dizziness and difficulties breathing.

Cats can be poisoned by garden pesticides, household cleaners or poisoned prey that they have eaten such as mice and rats.

In case you that your cat has been poisoned, you must get them to a vet straight away.

Respiratory infection

Cats can get upper respiratory tract infections just like humans can. The nose, throat or sinuses can be affected and this can make him drool and stick out their tongue.

If they are having problems breathing, if you notice that their tongue wags as they try to draw breath.

There will be other signs of infection including bouts of dizziness and a loss of balance and lack of appetite. This condition ought to be checked over by a vet.

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