Why Do Cats Blep? Everything You Need to Know

When a Blep Is Something to Be Worried About

Sometimes a blep is not only a cute little kitty quirk. It is a sign that your cat is ill. Here are a couple medical problems that could cause a blep in your cat.


In older cats, the inability to keep the tongue inside the mouth is usually a sign of dementia.

Will probably be accompanied by other signs such as staring at walls, persistent crying, agitation, decreased appetite and failing to use the litter tray correctly. For anyone who is concerned that your older cat has dementia, you should book an appointment with your vet.

Periodontal disease

This can be the medical name for gum disease. It may a cat to drool excessively and to get their tongue hanging out.

You can even notice bleeding in the mouth and your cat may avoid chewing or may appear to stay pain. Periodontal disease starts as a build-up of plaque but can quickly progress to bone and tissue destruction and pus formation in the cavities between the gum and teeth.

It is considered the most common disease to affect cats in the US. It can affect cats of all ages. Take your kitty to the vet right away if you notice these symptoms because they may need professional cleaning and polishing, a fluoride application or even surgery. You can prevent it by regularly brushing your cat’s mouth and gums.

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