Why Do Cats Blep? Everything You Need to Know

The Missing Teeth Theory

With the way that a cat’s mouth is shaped, they need their teeth to have their tongue in place.

Therefore, if your kitty has missing teeth, their tongue is prone to flop out. Also, some breeds will probably blep because they have a flatter face.

Persians are frequent blepers because there’s little room inside their mouths to fit the tongue back in.

The Relaxed Theory

When cats are completely relaxed, they slacken their jaw and the tip of the tongue can fall away from the front of the mouth.

A blep on an adorable kitten makes an especially cute photograph. Accusation in court a perfectly normal sleeping position and is often seen while doing so as involuntary twitching.

If your kitty is taking a muscle-relaxing medication for a medical issue such as stress, if you notice that they kitten blep more often.

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