Why Do Cats Blep? Everything You Need to Know

The ‘Forgot to Put it in’Theory

Did you disturb your cat down the middle of an eating or grooming session? They may have looked up at you and failed to retract their tongue completely.

It usually only lasts a short time but if you’re quick you can catch a picture.

Cats are usually extremely dignified and it’s very funny to catch them off-guard.

The ‘Tasting the Air’Theory

Cats use all of their senses to research the environment around them. They like to ‘taste’the air. This is accomplished using the ‘Flehmen response’which involves opening the mouth and putting out the tongue so they can collect air-borne pheromones from other cats onto it.

They then transfer them to the roof of their mouth where there is an organ that can interpret scents. It’s called the vomeronasal organ.

They can get all sorts of information about other cats in the region including whether they are woman or man, in season etc. Whether they have had left their tongue out for a little bit, they may have got carried away reading all the ‘cat messages ‘!

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