What Is The Herding Dog Group?

History of a group of shepherd dogs

The group of shepherd dogs is technically one of the oldest classifications of dog groups, as the same herding dogs have been used by humans since ancient times for maintenance and management These dogs also served as guard dogs and coachmen for many breeders and shepherds.

However, they have performed various functions throughout their lives. Because the work of farmers and herders was often quite solitary and demanding, many of these dogs also served as companions for people who needed them for the work they did.

As stated, the Shepherd Dog belongs to the smartest groups of dog breeds. Relationships these breeds have had with humans for centuries

These specific types of dogs have been bred and bred all over the world. For this reason, the Herding group has some of the most diverse looking dogs of all groups.

Some of the dog breeds that fall into this category: Old English Shepherds, Briards, and German Shepherds.

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