Uncovering the Cause of Fever in Dogs and Treatment

Treatments For Fevers In Dogs

Although you may find your dog only has a mild fever after taking your their temperature, be sure to contact your veterinarian and let them know of any other symptoms your dog has.

The treating fevers in dogs depends on the cause. If there’s an infection, your vet will likely run some tests and prescribe antibiotics or medications your dog needs to fight it off. If an infection is severe enough, your vet may put your dog in emergency care for fluids and other treatments.

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To help lower your dog’s fever, apply cool water to your dog’s paws and around their ears. Give your dog any prescribed medication as directed by your vet.

Encourage your dog to drink a little water, but don’t go overboard and let them gulp, as this could induce vomiting and further dehydrate your pup.

Do not give your dog human fever medication, as some, like aspirin, are extremely toxic to dogs when given incorrectly.

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