This Show Golden-doodles Are Absolutely Adorable!

Although it may look like Goldendoodles require a lot of grooming, this breed is actually low-maintenance. A bath is required only once a month, and brushing can be carried out every 2 weeks.

Goldendoodles are a top pick for being a service dog. They are very intelligent, loyal, and make perfect companions and therapy dogs.

Goldendoodles love to swim in the water. This is probably because they are crossbred between Poodles and Golden Retrievers, two breeds that are known as water retrievers.

What a teddy bear!

Oh my! Someone has grown while daddy was away.

Just chillaxin with my dad


Oh let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!


I’m not sure what is more impressive here. The growth of this Goldendoodle or the strength of his dad to hold him like this.


Just look at this adorable transformation.


Ready for takeoff.


Someone has got himself in a bit of a pickle. “Mom! Dad! Help! It just happened so fast.”


A Goldendoodle Growth Spurt


Who needs stuffed teddy bears when you have these two cuties to snuggle up to?


Tummy rubs make me happy


Could someone just give me a little push?


I can’t see you! So you can’t see me.


Well, well would you look at who just walked in.


Goldendoodles practically take care of everything and even do the dishes.


Showing off my wild side.

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