This Dogs Stay Late Up Night Just To See Santa (25 Photos)

“Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! Is your dog waiting to hear these words from the tall man in red who brings all the goodies?

Santa Claus is coming to town and some pooches can’t wait to see what he brings. Toy? Goodies? What could it be?

These pups won’t get any sleep on Christmas Eve because they stay up all night to see Santa and get their presents!

Guarding The Gifts


Can’t I Just Open One Before Christmas?

We’re Backup Reindeer!

Dressed For The Season

Hope There Are More Gifts On The Way

I Already Decorated The Tree

My Stocking Is Bigger Than Me

Ready For A Sleigh Ride?

We Three Pups Want Presents

Ho Ho Woof!

Little Presents For A Little Pup

Me And Santa Are Buddies

Too Excited To Sleep

Chewing On Christmas

Looking Cute For Santa

Hey, I’m Not The Stocking Stuffer

Is Santa Here Yet?

Tell Me You Like My Hat

All For Me?

I Hope You Get Some New Socks

I Got This For You

On Santa Watch Duty

I’ve Been A Good Girl

Santa I’ve been Up This Late, Please come…

These dogs are definitely adorable, but please keep in mind that dogs and puppies are not toys and usually don’t make good Christmas presents. They are a lifelong commitment and responsibility that extends well beyond the holiday season.

Is your dog his stay up and wait for Santa to bring some goodies up the chimney. What do you think he has for your pup?

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