Things To Do if You Find Stray Kittens

Caring For Mama And Kittens

It takes about four weeks for kittens to need mother’s milk. Before that, you may need to leave some food for the mother cat to eat.

Try to keep the kitten and mother together until they eat solid food. This usually happens when they are five to six weeks old. Their mother’s milk contains antibodies, which can help kittens grow strong and healthy, and her love and care will teach kittens what they need to know.

After the kitten has eaten the solid food, it’s time to take action. Capture or trap mother and her kittens, and then bring them indoors.

It is best to keep them separate from other cats you may have until everyone can be checked by the veterinarian.

You need to make sure that both your mother and her kittens are vaccinated and neutered or neutered. Kittens may have fleas or worms, so you need to treat or care for them.

After the kittens are happy and healthy, you will need to make sure that they can all find a loving home. step by step!

If your mother is not friendly, you may have to trap her to stock her up and vaccinate, and then release her back to her outdoor home, otherwise there will be more kittens in the future. Wildcats are the happiest animals living in the wild, as long as they do not breed, spread diseases or excessively damage the environment.

Warning: If the mother cat is transferred to a shelter, they may be euthanized. Wild cats are generally not suitable for human family life, and shelters do not have the resources to take care of those cats who will never find a home.

A local TNR plan may be helpful, so please look it up online and ask for more help.

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