Things To Do if You Find Stray Kittens

Every spring, stray and feral cats in America and around the world give birth to thousands of kittens in our neighborhoods and cities because they have not been neutered or neutered. This causes a flood of kittens and feral mums in local animal shelters and rescue groups.

The “kitten season,” as many call it, in the United States runs from around March to September, but can vary by region and climate
You can help save these kittens and their mothers by making sure your own cat is spayed or neutered. Encourage your friends, family, and others to do the same.

Adopt cats and kittens from shelters and rescuers. Donate time, money or supplies to local animal rescue groups. Take part in the Neuters Return to the Trap (TNR) program.

These are all great steps to help with the kitten period, but what if you run into a kitten or litter of kittens somewhere? What should you do? Here are some tips.

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