Strangled By A Chain So Tight, Fighting To Stay Alive, Saved At The Last Moment!

To see any animal suffering is not nice at all, but to see an emaciated doggie is really such an awful and saddening sight, this dog was seriously malnourished, she could not even stand any more…

To say she was on a short leash would be a complete understatement, she was chained up so tightly that she could barely lay down, her head would not reach the floor even.

Her head would just hang from the chain as she may down, so drained that she had no fight left in her at all hardly.

Her name was Cala and being kept like she was, as some type of guard dog, next to where a mechanic lived in San Jose, Costa Rica would definitely be the end of her.

The mechanic rarely gave Cala any food, and he didn’t really care enough to even take her to the vet when she got sick either.

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