Rottweilers Common Myths You Need to Know

To those who own Rottweilers, these dogs are only just another member of the family. Unfortunately, the image of a Rottweiler has a more negative connotation to the remaining world.

These dogs are often seen as aggressive and dangerous.

When you look at the hard facts, there is no denying that this breed has a penchant for violence.

In fact, they’re typically categorized alongside Pit Bulls for their temperament. As a result, they’re banned in several countries across the globe. Even in the United States, some municipalities have specific rules regarding Rottweiler ownership.

Like other aggressive breeds, there are a lot of misconceptions about Rottweilers.Whether you’re thinking about adopting one of these intimidating canines or you’re simply interested in learning the truth about these pups, we have you covered.

Here are few of the very most common myths about Rottweilers.

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