Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let a Dog Lick Your Face & Reasons Why You Should

Most people think that giving a big wet kiss to a dog is cute, but what if I tell you it can really kill you? this is correct.

Do # 1: Some kisses are safer than others

While you can’t tell which microscopic monsters might be living in your dog’s mouth (unless you test his saliva), you can protect yourself from infection to some extent. If you make sure your dog is not licking his mouth or around his nose, and you wash your hands and face after a good kiss, you’ll be better protected from possible illness.

The bacteria listed above are easier to spread through mucous membranes, such as the mouth and nasal cavity. In other words, a kiss on the cheek (followed by washing your face!), Rather than stroking your lips to the lips, is the smarter and safer way to get up close and personal with your dog.

Do # 2: Love is all there is

The mental and emotional benefits of having a dog come from the bond we feel with our pet. This is reinforced through interactions such as play, activities together, and physical feelings. Belly rubbing, hugs and pets are part of it, but letting a dog kiss every now and then also strengthens the intimacy that helps us feel connected with our pet.

You don’t need to portray a Hollywood kiss, but do what you feel comfortable with. Just remember to be careful!

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