Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let a Dog Lick Your Face & Reasons Why You Should

Most people think that giving a big wet kiss to a dog is cute, but what if I tell you it can really kill you? this is correct.

Don’t # 3: Parasites are real

Dogs can carry both parasites and bacteria. Giardia, cryptosporidium, and hookworm can cause diarrhea and intestinal upset. Dogs can also transmit ringworm, which causes a skin rash.

Some people conveniently say that licking a dog will improve your body’s immune strength, but that logic doesn’t stand up to the parasites. If your dog carries these invaders, you can become infected multiple times over time. Although cases of infection are quite rare, the risk of cramping should result in a hiatus.

Don’t # 4. Former U.S Presidents won’t do it


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Those former first dogs, Bo and Sunny, are the most presidential dogs in the country. But even these sophisticated beauties cannot lick the face of their owner.

President Obama told Wired Magazine, “I still don’t let Sunny and Bo lick me because when I walk them across the lawn, some things I see them pick and bite – I don’t want it, man.”

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