Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let a Dog Lick Your Face & Reasons Why You Should

Most people think that giving a big wet kiss to a dog is cute, but what if I tell you it can really kill you? this is correct.

You went home after a busy day in the office, and found the special lady who is always happy to meet you. Because you are at home, she almost jumped out of her skin excitedly. Her tail was wagging, her body was wagging, and her tongue was flapping. this is Love! With love comes the mouth.

If it looks, feels and smells like love, a dog kiss must be a good thing, right? Well, keep in mind that a dog’s lifestyle is very different. They do not brush their teeth or visit the dentist. They have never touched mouthwash or have never enjoyed the minty smell. However, despite using different hygiene methods, your dog will still wipe his face hundreds of times. Is there really any harm?

While almost everyone experiences a dog kiss, there are a few health concerns you can consider the next time your dog approaches you with a burning tongue. First, there are four reasons to skip a kiss and two reasons to do it.

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