Protect Your Lovely Cat From Heatstroke During Hot Season

How to Prevent Heat Stroke

Be careful not to accidentally lock your cat in a hot area. Never leave your cat in a hot car or other hot, enclosed area. The heat inside can rise much more than the outside temperature.

To keep your cat’s fur fresh, do not shave. A cat’s fur has the ability to keep it warm and cool. Shaving the fur also increases the risk of sunburn.

If you have a cat who goes outside, ensure that you have access to cool indoor areas and fresh water at all times. Make sure to see the cat at least twice a day. If you haven’t seen your cat in a while, check this out – it sure isn’t trapped anywhere.

Indoor cats should also have access to fresh water and cool areas. Leave the air conditioner or fan on when you are not home. Always make sure your cat hasn’t crawled inside before starting the dryer. this is not uncommon.

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