Memes & Photos that Will Surely Enlighten your Day

Taking pictures with our pets are often an entire ordeal. We want to immortalize our furry family members in beautiful pictures that we can look at for a long time, which means we sometimes go a little overboard with staging the perfect shot. Props, locations and even wardrobe decisions are made in order to ensure that the photos reflect how flawless our little angels are. A majority of these pictures are the types we like showing on Facebook and putting into a frame for our mantle. Truth be told, our pets are beautiful inside and out, so a timeless image that reflects that really makes us smile.

Then, there are those candid moments that really capture life with Spot. You know, those lucky shots you catch during playtime when he’s jumping to catch the ball during a rousing game of fetch. The shots that show his jowels waving in all their crazy glory, the style of pure glee and anticipation in his eyes reminiscent of how he looks just before dinner time.

These shots aren’t the perfect pics you took of him with a flower wreath on his head. They’re better. These pics paint the true picture of the goofy, lovable, hilarious and sweet little buddy you’ve chosen to share you home, and your life, with. A perfectly staged photo is awesome, but a perfectly timed one that captures a moment of sheer hilarity? Those are priceless.


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