‘I couldn’t believe my eyes’ – man revives his Yorkie pet dog

An eight-pound Yorkshire Terrier named Woody nearly became a late-night snack for a pair of coyotes in Edgemont last Wednesday, but his pet parent chased after the wild animals to rescue Woody, saving him from being turned into coyote crudite.

Marc David even used mouth-to-snout CPR on his beloved pooch after it was abandoned by the coyotes in nearby Nose Hill Park.

“On the fifth blow I heard gurgling noises,” David said. “It’s about time just the air coming out, but he kicked his feet and he opened his eyes.”

Woody is now recovering from six deep punctures to his back and neck area, his throat was thankfully clear of bite marks.

David said the ordeal took place around 10 p.m. as he was taking his garbage bins to the curb. The event was captured by security cameras set up at his front door and at his neighbour’s house.

He carried Woody in his arms, briefly set him down at the conclusion of his driveway and began shoveling his sidewalk for a moment when he noticed his pet was gone.

“And then I see one coyote,” David said. “He bolts back, and I look to see where my dog should be and he’s not there — and then I look again and I see another coyote with my dog in his jaw.”

David pursued the pair of predators while yelling and screaming into the large Calgary park.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t believe it.”

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