How to Stop a Cat From Pooping on the Carpet

How to Stop Them Carpet-Pooping

Once you’ve ruled out any underlying health issue, you should look to break their carpet-pooping habit. Here’s how:

Clean up evidence of the poop ‘accident ‘: What you don’t want is your cat to start associating their carpet poop site as the place they should regularly use and that means thoroughly cleaning the area to eradicate any scent which could bring your cat back. Consider using an enzymatic cleaner formulated for pet messes for the very best ‘no scent here’result.

Re-think their litterbox: There might be something not quite right with your cat’s litterbox that’s sending them to another poop place. Your cat expects their litter tray to be super-clean and prefers space to comfortably squat so if this is how their box falls short, your carpet could be paying the price. If your cat has a favorite place at home for their alternative poop site, you could move their litter tray to this location, or you could consider adding a second litterbox instead. This could also be the solution if you have several cat and they simply don’t want to share the same litterbox space.

Reduce stress: If you suspect stress is driving your cat to be a carpet-pooper, then be proactive to reduce their anxiety. Effective socialization with new pets will help be more desensitized to any associated stress. And don’t forget cats are private animals, so if their litterbox is exposed or they don’t feel safe using it, they’ll find somewhere else to do their business. If this is actually the case, try moving their litter tray away from their food/water bowl and place it somewhere more secluded.

Improve their daily routine: Taking time to understand your cat will allow you to ensure their daily life and environment is what they need. If you suspect you cat is bored or unstimulated, keep them occupied with some interactive toys and make the time for some quality play with them each day. A cat that has the attention they need is less inclined to display ‘anti-social’behavior such as pooping on your carpet.

And Finally – Be Patient

Your cat’s carpet pooping habit will not necessarily change overnight and putting undue pressure on your cat could actually make things worse. The key is to sort out the root cause of their carpet pooping and produce a plan.

Then be consistent, patient, and caring with your cat and they should soon be back to happy litterbox pooping. But if there’s no real movement in their behavior despite your best efforts, or you come to suspect there could be a health or other behavioral reason, then take your kit to the vets for expert advice.

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