How to Stop a Cat From Pooping on the Carpet

He Could Be Sick

Before looking at other reasons why your cat has suddenly changed their toilet habits, you should rule out any health-related cause, including:

Digestive problems: Constipation or diarrhea could lead to cat poop away from the litter tray as your pet is caught by an urgent need to go. If it’s a one off, their upset digestion should settle but if it lasts longer or you hear them yelping as they strain then get them checked out as it could be a sign of irritable bowel disease or other digestive problems.

It’s age-related: As your cat gets older, they’re susceptible to health conditions which may lead to toilet problems. Arthritis can make it difficult for your kit to climb into their litterbox or squat so if you find cat poop on the rug, it might have been an easier and less painful place to go. Older cats can also develop dementia which may cause him to forget his litterbox training and just go where he needs to.

Urinary tract infection: UTIs can be really painful and your cat may find the rug or carpet an easier, less stressful place to go. And this could lead them to associate their litterbox with pain and avoid it when they have to poop.

Reaction to their food: If you’ve recently changed your kit’s regular food to something new, they are often having a reaction and their digestion is upset, with a reduced ability to control that urgent need to poop.

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