How to Stop a Cat From Pooping on the Carpet

While we may become accustomed to our cats bringing us the odd ‘present’from their outdoor ventures, pooping outside of their litterbox is a habit we’d rather not encourage. The occasional litter tray accident shouldn’t be too much of a problem but if it starts happening suddenly or more frequently, it could be a sign something’s up. We take a peek at why your kit may be preferring the floor to their litterbox and suggest some practical ways to stop a cat from pooping on the carpet.

What is Normal Cat Toilet Behavior?

A kitten should start to learn how to use a litterbox from around 5-7 weeks so that by the time they are a couple of months old, they have the ability to pee and poop in the tray when indoors as well cover over their feces with kit litter. Cats are fastidious when it comes to going to the toilet and should be consistent in their use of their litter tray. So, when you find your cat pooping on carpet, you can be sure that something’s not quite right.

Why is My Cat Suddenly Pooping Outside the Litterbox?

In answer to the question ‘why is my cat pooping on the floor?’ you’ll find so many reasons why you may be finding their feces around the home:

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