Houseplants Safe for Cats


Romelia has a variety of colors and even patterns, and it is becoming more and more in the family. This variety is the most common type of bromeliad plant. The conditions of these plants are similar to orchids, which is why many people use both types of indoor plants.

Bromeliads need bright but indirect sunlight and quickly drain the soil to grow, but they have a wider range of adaptations. The temperature is higher than you think, because they occur naturally in tropical rain forests.


Succulents are very famous houseplants due to their form of shapes, textures, and low-maintenance. Haworthia is likewise called the zebra cactus however it doesnt have the ones prickly spines frequently visible on different cacti. This succulent is a first rate choice for houses with cats, particularly in case your area is small.

Haworthias are available exclusive sizes with a few handiest wanting the gap of a teacup to live. They do like bright, oblique light, however like maximum cacti, those vegetation dont want a great deal water, particularly withinside the iciness months.

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