Houseplants Safe for Cats

Boston Ferns

Easily found in garden centers and home improvement stores, Boston Fern is a full-bodied, leafy plant that easily fills a blank window sill. Cats can hit the leaves, but this plant is not toxic to them if they crunch a fallen leaf.

Boston ferns enjoy moisture and bright but indirect light, but the temperature isn’t much of a problem if your home gets a little cooler in the winter. It is recommended to transplant in spring to keep these plants happy, even if they have not grown out of the current pot. During this time, you can separate the plant into multiple plants to create an even larger green space for you and your cat to enjoy.

Polka Dot Plants

Hypoestes phyllostachya is the scientific name for this enjoyable houseplant in many instances recognized as a polka dot plant. It’s vibrantly coloured leaves have patterns that seem like freckles or dots making it a special choice to add a little extra color to a leafy green space. Polka dot flora are secure if a cat have been to chew on its leaves but if they consume a large amount of the plant, some vomiting and/or diarrhea may also result. These flowers like bright light and if they aren’t in enough light they may not develop the traditional patterned leaves so if your polka dot plant only has strong green leaves growing, it is a sign you should give it extra light.

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