Holiday Pet Travel – Bring Your Pet With You

Buy your crate well in advance of your trip so the pet can get accustomed to it when you travel. Pet crates come in two pieces, a top and a bottom. For some days leave the top off the crate and put treats and a favorite toy in only the bottom portion. After seeing that your pet is comfortable, assemble the crate and leave the entranceway open. Invite them in with praise and treats.

Flying together with your pet is easy these days. Virtually all airlines accept pets on board the aircraft. Tiny pets can often travel in the cabin of the aircraft with you in a airline compliant pet carrier. Larger pets will travel as checked baggage in a particular section of the cargo hold where in actuality the temperature and pressure is exactly like in the cabin.

Make sure to alert the captain of the aircraft that you’ve a pet in cargo as he will need extra care to help keep the temperature and pressure at the proper levels. You will require a health certificate stating that your pet is healthy enough to fly. Make sure to make reservations early as the airlines only allow a limited amount of pets per flight. Avoid medical tranquilizers for your pet and instead give them an natural product which makes them less anxious like a product called Happy Traveler.

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