Holiday Pet Travel – Bring Your Pet With You

Christmas are one of the peak seasons for travel, and it’s the right time to take your pet along side you. Whether you are off on a ski vacation, visiting family or simply enjoying the magical feeling of a Swiss village at The holiday season, having your best friend along is likely to make the trip more enjoyable.

Make sure to consider pet identification when you leave. Pet ID tags together with your CELL PHONE number are great since there may not be anyone in the home to answer the phone. You should look at the added safety of a pet microchip.

If your pet is separated from you, a pound or even a veterinarian can browse the chip, and they can then track you down through the database of the organization who manufactured the microchip. If you are going to be spending several weeks in a single place, consider buying a second Pet ID tag with the contact information on where you will soon be staying.

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