Guinea Pigs: Things You Need to Know About This Cute Pet

Breeds, Cages, Feeding and Grooming


Should you bath the guinea pig? How do you trim guinea pig nails? It is important to know how to groom guinea pigs and the shampoos that can be safely used on guinea pigs. Don’t worry, you don’t need to brush the guinea pig’s teeth-but you need to pay close attention to them. The teeth of guinea pigs continue to grow throughout their lives and may grow over for various reasons. Overgrown teeth can cause a lot of pain in the guinea pig and may stop eating.

You can trim or remove their teeth, but hope that your guinea pig will never need these two methods.

Guinea pig’s name

Some people find it very difficult to name their pets. Fortunately, if you need a little help from this department, you can provide a large list. Find a perfect name for your new guinea pig, or check if your pig’s name is in the list.

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