Guinea Pigs: Things You Need to Know About This Cute Pet

Breeds, Cages, Feeding and Grooming

Guinea pig bedding

Guinea pigs can use the bathroom wherever they are needed, so you will need bedding that is absorbent but will not harm your pet. Wood shavings used to be very popular, but over the years more information about how to harm pets has been discovered, especially cedar shavings.

Popular choices include wool, which can be purchased from a handicraft store, which can be washed and reused when it gets dirty, and a variety of paper bedding for small animals.


Vitamin C is a key ingredient in the diet of guinea pigs. Like humans and capybaras, guinea pigs cannot supply their own vitamin C to meet their daily needs, so they must be provided with vitamin C.

Safe vitamin C supplements for guinea pigs and special guinea pig pellets have been strengthened to help meet this nutritional requirement. In addition, guinea pigs need a lot of roughage, such as Timothy Hay. 3 Stay away from sugary snacks and seeds because they can cause gastrointestinal problems.

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