French Bulldogs Myths & Misconceptions

All French are friendly:

In fact it is not true. Many people assume this is generally about dogs without checking them with a human companion. In a dispute society, if you approach a dog and bite you, many people try to put it to sleep.

People should not punish dogs for their lack of self-control. Always exercise caution and make eye contact with the alpha dog, their human. Even then, listen to what the man says – if his dog doesn’t like a certain category and you or your company are into it, respect that.

Keep in mind that the same is true for their people. Mostly I think people with French have a good sense of humor, but there are some people who are stiff and don’t want anyone approaching them.

A single person eating a meal does not want to be connected because they are sitting with their French Bulldog. They can also bark loudly at you for putting the camera to your French faces without asking.

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