Foods That Will Enhance Your Birds Immune System


Chili and hot peppers are the favorites of many pets, and they can also help strengthen the immune function of pets and make them healthy and happy.

Pepper not only improves blood circulation, but also has a positive effect on the respiratory tract, which is very important. Don’t worry, to your friends with feather spots, they won’t look too hot. Many experts suggest that the taste buds of birds cannot absorb the seasoning of pepper.

Fresh Greens

Another good way to avoid frequent visits to the veterinarian is to ensure that the bird’s diet is rich in fresh vegetables such as spinach and kale. The Bird Festival is normal and natural. For wild vegetables, including those in the diet of captive birds, this is an excellent way to increase your pet’s intake of vitamin A and many other beneficial nutrients.

Generally, remember that food that is good for you is also good for your parrot. Feed your parrots with a variety of fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables to keep your pet in top condition.

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