Dog Breeds That Fit Into Small Living Spaces


As the companion choice of the Chinese royal family, Beijingers need enough attention and care. They will rant at strangers, so early training is necessary.

Pekingese are best to be the only dog ​​in the family, although they can socialize to accept other pets. Because of their size and gracious nature, they make them great apartment pets


This energetic breed is a ball full of furry energy. They are not an overly dependent dog breed, so they are great pets for those who spend time outdoors.

Pomeranians need to walk every day to exercise their strength and brush their teeth every week. They are also skinners, so if necessary, early training must be conducted to teach them.


There are three types of poodle breeds: toy, miniature and standard. “Toys” and “miniature” are a good size for small apartments, while the “standard” size can reach 70 pounds.

Poodles are very smart and easy to train. Although regular walks are recommended, toys and miniature poodles can consume energy in the apartment without a problem.

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