Dog Breeds That Fit Into Small Living Spaces

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso thinks they are a big dog, but fortunately, your apartment is rarely taller than your feet. It takes early socialization and training to make this friendly and loyal dog breed play its best role. Unlike the Japanese chin above, the coat of Lhasa Apso requires daily brushing and frequent bathing.


Lowchen is a playful, gentle breed and toy breed that makes their overall body compact. Lowchen (Lowchen) makes pet lovers become indifferent, but they do not have a high demand for exercise.

They get along well with other animals, and through appropriate social activities, they are also friendly to everyone.


The Maltese dog has become a highly respected companion dog for 2000 years. Because they have no undercoat, they are not shedding agents, and if you have to live with them, then this may be the ideal choice. They are pet dogs, but often suffer from separation anxiety, so they are most suitable for family types.

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