Dog Breeds That Fit Into Small Living Spaces


Havanese are called “Velcro dogs” and they choose to be with their families instead of staying outdoors every day. However, don’t mistake them for their tenacious character because of lack of energy.

As long as their people are nearby, these bouncy cubs like to play. The breed averages less than 1 foot tall, making it a good apartment pet for those who are energetic.


This may surprise some people. Although greyhounds are traditionally known for their high speed and thin legs, they have become excellent pets for small families. The daily brisk walk meets their energy needs, and their friendly, calm personality makes them ideal for small apartments.

Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is a highly agile dog breed that can live with the wonderful indoor animals. The chin is famous for its cat-like tendency to stretch furniture, it can adapt to any living environment.

Although the chin is very elegant, it can be maintained only by brushing your teeth once a week. Their size, friendliness and low exercise needs make them ideal for apartment dwellers with less active lifestyles.

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