Does My Dog Like It When I Sing, or Am I Just Fulling Myself?

Why does my dog howl when I sing?

Have you ever noticed a dog howl when he hears music playing, or when he hears a person singing or playing an instrument? According to AKC, your dog’s howling is an instinctual behavior and connection to the canine’s wild ancestor: the wolf. Wolves use howling to assemble the pack and assert their identities.

And while you is often a horrific singer, dogs in addition have a sense pitch: your dog may howl at a different pitch to individualize himself and his howl.

According to Psychology Today, dogs will often howl when they hear wind instruments, violins, and when a human holds a long note while singing. So don’t be offended if your dog howled when you started singing. He may simply want to join in with the pack!

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