Commit To Daily Exercise: Your Pets Best New Year Resolution

Make It A Firm Resolution

Set achievable and sustainable activity goals for yourself and your pet. Commit to daily physical activity.

When you’ve reached a plateau or are stagnant with your current fitness plan, break through by doing something new. Take your dog for a long walk around your neighborhood. Choose a more challenging hiking trail. Also, don’t be afraid to get your feet – or paws – wet and go for a swim.
Pet exercise routines aren’t just for dogs. If you have a corpulent kitten, create an indoor activity program using a laser pointer or feather toy to encourage your cat to burn more calories.

Also raise the food bowl to a height that requires jumping or climbing to reach a meal. Divide your cat’s feed, regularly feed large individual servings, then hide the parts around the house or throw them a distance that will encourage movement.

Before starting any exercise program with your cat or dog, you should get a veterinary examination to order ensure your pet is healthy enough to be physically active.

Are you planning to keep your dog active with your dog in the coming year? Do you have healthy New Year’s resolutions for you and your pet?

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