Commit To Daily Exercise: Your Pets Best New Year Resolution

Happy Near Year! Have you and your pet made your New Year’s resolutions?

Here is one of my recommendations for a resolution that will optimize the quality of life for your canine or cat companion in the New Year.

Commit To Daily Exercise

I see this scenario often in my veterinary practice: people choose pets that are physically similar. Consequently, it manifests itself in the Body Condition Score (BCS) and activity level of many pets, which correlate with those of their owner.

The PPET (People Pets Exercising Together) Study, a partnership between Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Hill’s Pet Nutrition, showed that People who trained their dogs regularly were better able to stick to their training schedule than those without a dog.

A famous example of the PPET study, the result is my tall fat Greek wedding actress Nia Vardalos, whose dog motivated her to get fit

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