Cat Obesity Is Your Fault, Not Your Cat’s

Learn About Your Cat’s Food

With feline obesity being a real and common problem, I’m always surprised by how many cat owners seem relatively clueless about about how much food their cat is meant to be eating–whether to maintain weight or trim a couple of pounds.

Ask your vet at the next check up to tell you how many calories your cat should consume. Then it’s just a case of doing the simple math of working out how much dry and wet food you should be serving each day.

If your brand of cat food isn’t open about nutritional info, there are many comprehensive resources online to help demystify the process.

Remember, healthy eating habits are just as important to a cat as they are to us humans. So do the right thing and embrace your role as a responsible feline chef.

How will you make sure your kitty stays at a healthy weight? You think cat owners should be more responsible with their kitties’diet and exercise? Let us know in the comments below!

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