Can My Cat Read?

Despite being one of the most popular pets in the world, cats have not received the same attention from scientists as dogs. There are a few results for scientific research

Can Cats Understand English?

Obviously, I’m not talking about whether they can speak it or not. Cats’mouths and vocal cords are incapable of producing the same sounds that we do. This makes it physically impossible for them to learn to speak any language, let alone read. This doesn’t mean that they can’t actually learn to understand various languages.

We never seem to give cats the much credit that they deserve when looking at their intelligence.For instance, cats can learn a language to some extent. They can learn words, especially once they figure out that such words are beneficial to them. Research shows that cats are designed for understanding about 25-35 different words, including their name and words related to tricks. The tricky part is whether they will care to learn the words you’d prefer them to learn. And, the answer is usually no. That said, they can make out about 100 different vocalisations. This is perhaps a desperate move to try and understand our language. Let’s face it, unlike dogs, very few people even attempt to train their cats. How then do we expect them to learn and how will we know what they are designed for?

If it weren’t for human involvement, cats wouldn’t have any reason to ever make a sound. They are creatures that care more about body language than they do verbal language. It’s only a combination of training and listening to what they want to say that can help us best connect.

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