Can My Cat Read?

Despite being one of the most popular pets in the world, cats have not received the same attention from scientists as dogs. There are a few results for scientific research

What Can Cats Read From Human Body Language?

Of course, cats have many ways of interpreting our facial expressions, emotions, and intentions.They can see us with their observant eyes, smell our bodily chemicals, taste us with their overworked tongues, listen to our voices, and even touch us with their paws, claws, and hands.

When talking about cats watching us, that’s actually when they read human behaviour. As mentioned earlier, they understand many forms of body language. They can also differentiate between facial expressions showing happiness and those showing anger. Cats also understand their owner’s voice and will pay attention when they’re spoken to. However, how you speak those words is really important. Cats can read into your mood just by the tone of your voice. They are very sensitive and often feel safe or threatened by the tone and loudness of your voice. They are more inclined to socialise and respond in a friendly manner if you use a soft and calm voice.

Over time, your cat will learn to read what certain human body language and communication sounds mean. There has been very few scientific studies done on the ability of felines to read human behaviour and communicate with humans. There’s so much about cat abilities that we don’t understand yet and can only guess based on our own observations and anecdotes.

There are clearly plenty of barriers between cat-human communications, especially in regards to cats reading human facial expressions. So, is there anything you are able to do to help your cat understand your body language and facial expressions better? I think it could work if we understood cats’emotions first and their relations to cats’facial expressions. It is also useful to study the cat’s understanding of human behaviour.

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