Can My Cat Read?

Despite being one of the most popular pets in the world, cats have not received the same attention from scientists as dogs. There are a few results for scientific research

Cats can read body language?

Cats are excellent observers; they are always watching and listening. They are much better at reading body language, behaviour, and posture. As such, they can remember your routines. One that you have a close and long-standing relationship with can read your thoughts, as well as communicate their thoughts to you. For instance, you walking to the fridge might mean mealtime, looking at the clock might mean bedtime, and you looking a certain way means a treat. This way your cat knows better and sooner what you’re up to and might surprise you by showing direct response. This can give the impression that he/she can read your mind even though it’s your body they can read better.

This seemingly amazing behaviour probably has to do with its sight, hearing, and smell advantages.Their sense of smell is fourteen times stronger than ours, their field of view and visual acuity is far better than ours, not forgetting, they can hear and distinguish sounds far more than we can. With such superpowers, maybe they don’t need to read your mind after all. Cats are not only great at reading human body language but also other felines’body language, facial expressions, and cues as well. A cat parent can tell what her kitten(s) is feeling or thinking about. A tomcat, on the other hand, can read a molly’s desire to mate through the lordosis posture.

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