Best Practice Walking Your Senior Dogs

Be aware of special needs

Some older dogs may need assistance with mobility. They may need wheelchairs or other mobility aids to help them, or they may need special boots to avoid injury if they drag their legs.

If your dog has a lot of trouble walking even short distances, it may be worth talking to your vet about getting him moving. Even if your dog doesn’t get to walk much, he can still enjoy the fresh air and new smells that come from outside, which helps keep his brain working and mentally stimulated.

There is nothing wrong with bringing a pram or buggy so that your dog can enjoy nature without physical stress. Some people may give you weird looks or judge you for walking your dog like that, but pay them no mind. You’re doing what’s right for your best friend, and that’s all that matters.

Let your dog run as long as he is comfortable, but don’t deny him the pleasure of being outside if he enjoys it.

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