At What Age Are Cats Considered Full-Grown?

Cats’physical development

The height and weight of your fully grown cat can depend on the breed, and how they were cared for during their youth. Most health professionals agree that cats will reach their full size at twelve months; however, some cats can continue to grow until they are up to four years of age before they reach their full size.

Many times, cats who have not grown up eating vet-approved kitten food, or were strays during their youth, will not be as huge as their house-raised counterparts. However, sometimes when raised in a situation with better nutrition available to them, your cat might grow past their twelve month approximation. Cats’weight can fluctuate throughout their life, especially in their laters years (very much like their human counterparts) so be sure to take them to their vet for annual appointments to check in and adjust their food accordingly if they begin gaining weight too rapidly.

In addition, know about making time to play with your cat and keep them moving (especially if they’re indoor cats) because that can effect their activity levels. and in turn, their weight. Every cat is an individual, so no real matter what, their growth and weight will vary. However if you check with your vet and feed them the right food for their age and health needs your cat will be on the right track to reaching the right healthy size for them.

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